Source code for asdf_standard.resource

import fnmatch
import os
from import Mapping
from pathlib import Path

__all__ = ["DirectoryResourceMapping"]

[docs]class DirectoryResourceMapping(Mapping): """ Resource mapping that reads resource content from a directory or directory tree. Parameters ---------- root : str or Root directory (or directory-like Traversable) of the resource files. ``str`` will be interpreted as a filesystem path. uri_prefix : str Prefix used to construct URIs from file paths. The prefix will be prepended to paths relative to the root directory. recursive : bool, optional If ``True``, recurse into subdirectories. Defaults to ``False``. filename_pattern : str, optional Glob pattern that identifies relevant filenames. Defaults to ``"*.yaml"``. stem_filename : bool, optional If ``True``, remove the filename's extension when constructing its URI. """ def __init__(self, root, uri_prefix, recursive=False, filename_pattern="*.yaml", stem_filename=True): self._uri_to_file = {} self._recursive = recursive self._filename_pattern = filename_pattern self._stem_filename = stem_filename if isinstance(root, str): self._root = Path(root) else: self._root = root if uri_prefix.endswith("/"): self._uri_prefix = uri_prefix[:-1] else: self._uri_prefix = uri_prefix for file, path_components in self._iterate_files(self._root, []): self._uri_to_file[self._make_uri(file, path_components)] = file def _iterate_files(self, directory, path_components): for obj in directory.iterdir(): if obj.is_file() and fnmatch.fnmatch(, self._filename_pattern): yield obj, path_components elif obj.is_dir() and self._recursive: yield from self._iterate_files(obj, path_components + []) def _make_uri(self, file, path_components): if self._stem_filename: filename = os.path.splitext([0] else: filename = return "/".join([self._uri_prefix] + path_components + [filename]) def __getitem__(self, uri): return self._uri_to_file[uri].read_bytes() def __len__(self): return len(self._uri_to_file) def __iter__(self): yield from self._uri_to_file def __repr__(self): return "{}({!r}, {!r}, recursive={!r}, filename_pattern={!r}, stem_filename={!r})".format( self.__class__.__name__, self._root, self._uri_prefix, self._recursive, self._filename_pattern, self._stem_filename, )